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Pablo Porto


Exploring the world

In green are the countries I visited so far, in black the ones were I lived for at least one month.


countries visited


countries lived


continents visited


Taj Mahal taken at Jaipur, India
Taj Mahal Facade taken at Jaipur, India
Monkey jump taken at Jaipur, India
Beach house taken at Faro, Portugal
Maldives water taken at Maldives
Lonely Elephant taken at Sri Lanka
Edinburgh landscape taken at Edinburgh, Scotland
Sunset taken at Galicia
Chid helping his father taken at Jaipur, India
Tropical Bird taken at Costa Rica
Waterfall taken at La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Isla de Arosa taken at Galicia
Greek Monastery taken at Corfu, Greece
Albanian church taken at Theth, Albania
Albanian alps landscape taken at Theth, Albania