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Pablo Porto


Software Engineer • Technical lead • Traveler

I am Pablo, a sofware engineer, amateur cyclist and traveler with a passion to become a well-rounded person helping the world to be a better place.

This is my humble space on the internet where I share ideas on software engineering, health and personal finance drived by my curiosity for learning and self-development

Me chilling in Sri Lanka

What I like

As a kid, I loved tinkering with computers and surfing the web. I spent quite a lot of time building websites for my hobbies in the early days of the Web 2.0 and assembling personal computers from scratch. All these passions led me to pursue an education in something related to computers. I end up studying a BSC in Computer Science at the University of Santiago and later on a MSC in Networks & Distributed Systems at Trinity College, Dublin.

While spending hours and hours studying, I realized how lucky I was of spending time learning something I was passionate about and with great career possibilities. I also began to understand that I will have to keep learning all my life which motivated me to spend time getting better with personal knowledge management, productivity, and all things related to kaizen.

As of 2023, I am based in Barcelona, Spain. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling for both work and fun, playing and watching sports (I am a big F1 fan), and building things on the internet.

What I do

During my career, I have taken multiple roles, from full-stack software engineer to other roles like infrastructure and data engineer delivering many products in multiple sectors from retail to healthcare, travel, and others. I have been working in digital products and digital platforms for close to a decade. Currently, I help companies apply modern software engineering practices to data management so that they can unlock value from their data and become data-driven.

  • I help companies build software and data systems right with modern software and data engineering tools and practices.
  • I work with product and business people to incrementally design easy to use products that address complex customer problems.
  • I bring software engineering and platform thinking to help teams adopt and scale effective software engineering practices.
  • I lead and build empowered and multi-disciplinary product and platform teams.
  • I train, coach, and mentor people on modern software delivery practices, agile/lean ways of working, and technical leadership.
  • Finally, I write and share what I learn and build in public.

Currently, I work as Lead Software Consultant at Thoughtworks where I lead high-performing delivery teams building data and digital products for our clients.

How I do it

The software engineering principles and practices that drive my work.

Pair programming
Continuous delivery
Distributed systems architecture
Platform engineering
Technical leadership
Agile and Lean
Infrastructure as code
Trunk based development
Continuous improvement
Evolutionary architecture
Clean code
Empowered teams


I like to share and teach what I learn. These are some talks I did.

  • 2023 - Data Mesh 101 - @JonTheBeach
  • 2023 - Data Mesh 101 - @Commitconf
  • 2023 - An overview of the data products lifecycle - @Thoughtworks
  • 2023 - TDD in SQL - @Thoughtworks
  • 2022 - Learning continous delivery with examples - @Factoria5 bootcamp
  • 2022 - A data project post-mortem through Data Mesh lenses - @Thoughtworks
  • 2021 - Introduction to functional programming - @Factoria5 bootcamp
  • 2020 - Observability: An introduction to distributed tracing - @Client
  • 2019 - Introducting to agile software development - @Factoria5 bootcamp
  • 2018 - Design systems and UI component libraries with React and Storybook - @Thoughtworks
  • 2017 - How we built a component library to scale frontend development across multiple teams - @Client
  • 2016 - Introduction to the phoenix server pattern - @Thoughtworks
  • 2016 - Creating a living style-guide for - @Thoughtworks
  • 2016 - What are the different roles in an agile team - @Meetup
  • 2015 - Securing web applications 101 - @Thoughtworks

Let's get in touch!

Feel free to reach out if you think I can help you, you want us to work on something together or just to simple say hi.

You can find me at Twitter where I share things mostly related with my work but also on Instagram where I share my favourite pics from my travels.