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Pablo Porto


I love building things to learn new skills. These are some of the apps I made.


1Stream allows you to watch Netflix or Youtube streams in sync remotely with friends

Watch Netflix or Youtube streams remotely with friends. 1Stream synchronizes video playback between you and your friend so you can be sure you’re watching exactly the same frame at the same time.

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Cloujera lets you do a fine-grained search for spoken words in Coursera's videos. We built Cloujera to enhance Coursera's limited search functionality, for those times when you want to quickly search for and learn about a specific topic.

Cloujera was built in 48 hours for ClojureCup 2014. People and judges found Cloujera highly useful and enjoy the design and performance of the app. We ended up winning the public's favourite award while finishing second among the 100 teams that took part in the hackathon.

Cloujera screenshoot

Personal Cloud

Ecoshifter personal cloud allows app users to upload their car profiles to the cloud and keep them synchronized between all their devices. I developed this REST API for my friend Ivan’s smart driving Android app EcoShifter.

Users of older versions of EcoShifter had to create again the same profiles for their cars each time they switch devices. Moreover, they had to enter information like the make and model of the car manually. The new API allows users to choose existing makes and models offered and to save their car profiles on the cloud.

Ecoshifter screenshoot


Crowdtransport provides their users with real time public transport information leveraging crowdsourcing techniques. The app allows users to share with others valuable public transport geolocation data while enabling real time visualization of where buses and taxis are located.

The platform is based on a mobile app and a REST web service. It was awarded final year project of the year and involved the usage of state of the art Android technologies like text to speech processing (TTS), GPS tracking, Maps API and Google Cloud Messaging.

Crowdtransport screenshoot